1. First, a short interview via Zoom with our recruitment team. If possible, it will be conducted in Polish, and if you don't mind, we'd like to record it.

  2. Then, we will proceed with assessing your coding skills. You will receive our recruitment task - usually it’s an app that needs a little refactoring or development. After that, we'll also schedule another call / live coding session to give you our feedback and to talk more about your code.

  3. The last stage is all about making sure that there is a fit between us. You will have a few online or in-person meetings with your future workmates (around 5 meetings, 15-30 minutes each). It’s important to give you as much insight as possible before we start our potential collaboration.

    About Ragnarson

    We are the Tech team behind the success of top European Startups

    We have developed over 50 startups over the last 15 years. Several of them evolved to scale-ups and leaders of their markets. This is how we came to grasp the importance of early tech decisions in terms of costs, speed, and scalability.

    Our team

    great workplace combines exceptional people and freedom to be awesome

    We create a diverse environment where people are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Here, everyone becomes a mini-CEO who makes independent decisions guided by the market context and the company's goals. Each decision we make is backed by teammates’ input - which is part of our feedback culture.

    Get to know our people

    We are a unique combination of talented teammates from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Among us, you’ll find tech geeks, travelers, foodies, athletes, hikers, yogis, musicians, scuba-divers, carpenters, and even a pilot. What brings us together is our commitment to creating software that will impact our natural environment and communities.

    Have a look at our Team page. You can also have a look what our employees say about Ragnarson at Glassdoor.